Who We Are

Mailing Address:
Life Is Washable, Inc.
PO Box 563
Johnson City, NY 13790
(607) 729-5059

Office & Workshop:
The Magic Paintbrush Project
Boys & Girls Club
1 Clubhouse Road
Endicott, NY 13760
(607) 729-5059

Life is Washable, Inc. dba The Magic Paintbrush Project provides facilitated workshops for thousands of individuals, infants through geriatric, diagnosed with a developmental disability (e.g. autism, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, cognitive delay.) The Magic Paintbrush Project presents unique programs that are designed to meet the needs and goals of the individual and their family and caregivers (e.g. socialization, movement, communication, advocacy and self-determination). The programs enhance the ability to support the special needs individual, providing them with a responsive approach to facing their challenges while focusing on their unique abilities and effectively working towards diagnostic goals.

The workshops use creative materials and patent pending methods to effectively support special needs individuals and their caregivers, while supporting the community’s inclusion and involvement in the process.

Life Is Washable, Inc. has identified that workshops (that can be replicated) are effective supports for those with developmental disabilities and their caregivers to engage in therapeutic goals and interventions. The workshops include appropriate activities, adaptive tools, facilitation specifications and training that enable providers to deliver sustainable and quality workshops to benefit impaired individuals and their caregivers. These workshops are commonly referred to as “The Magic Paintbrush Project”. The Project’s workshop effectiveness reinforces individuals’ rehabilitative interventions, addressing physical and cognitive challenges.

Life is Washable, Inc. delivers these workshops through a variety of methods, including but not limited to: Individual/Family Workshops, Family Support Groups, School/Agency Programs, Education and Support of Area Professionals, Facilitator & Volunteer training and Pilot Programming for Agencies (Licensing Program). By administering The Project and providing support to licensed programs, Life Is Washable, Inc. has created a sustainable foundation for workshop support to the special needs community.

Currently, Life Is Washable, Inc. serves the Southern Tier of New York. Our efforts focus on providing quality services to our constituency, expanding the geographical area that we serve and growing agency inclusion of our services. Since inception, demand for our services has grown annually. We currently receive referrals from 22 agencies and 16 school districts in New York State and Northeastern Pennsylvania serving an average of 4,500 participants each year. We anticipate our work will expand to 35 Agencies and expand with additional licensed locations. We anticipate an annual growth of 10% in participants and delivered workshops.

Operations are financed through a diversified income stream, reducing the reliance on any one source of support or funding. To control costs, Life Is Washable, Inc. uses hourly staff with volunteer assistance and only expands service offerings when sufficient funding is available. As a result, the program has run on a profitable basis since its inception in 2006.

Life is Washable Inc. partners with Friends of the Forum and the Sean Schumacher Memorial Foundation.

Life Is Washable, Inc. through its program “The Magic Paintbrush Project”, has the distinction of being the only known family engagement program of this type in the United States. The program design and curriculum are patent pending and protected by copyright and trademark registrations.


Funding for The Project is collected through grants and donations. Families who do not have funding support are asked to consider a session donation to assist in covering the cost of the materials ($20 per participant and one family member, maximum $30 per family). Participation is not dependent on this donation. Some families and groups gift back portions of their artwork to The Project for sale.

Our Southern Tier (Home Office), Rochester (Licensed), and Hudson Valley (Licensed) locations provide The Project with appropriate facilities and maintenance. Costs for these locations are supported by in-kind donation support. Other costs are controlled through volume purchases, volunteer support and generous discounts from our suppliers. By maintaining The Project’s focus, we have been able to obtain cost effective purchases not typically available to the general public.

To date The Magic Paintbrush Project has been able to deliver its services and programs within its budget and resources. Growth has been tied to available funding and we have ended each fiscal year with funds for continued operations.

Operations are financed through a combination of grants, sponsorships, donations, billable workshops, sale of art, Magic Paintbrush Project merchandise, special fund raising events, speaking presentations, training and licensing fees and partnerships with agencies supporting the special needs community. The diversified revenue stream reduces the reliance on any one source of support or funding. To control costs, Life Is Washable, Inc. primarily uses hourly staff with volunteer assistance and only expands service offerings when sufficient funding is available.

Board of Directors

Our management team consists of an Executive Director and Board of Directors composed of 12 leaders of the business community. Additionally, a group of Supporting Members has been established consisting of artists, occupational/physical therapists, and other business professionals. The Supporting Members provide a broad base of support and insight.

The Board of Directors works with the Executive Director to set Life Is Washable, Inc.’s overall direction. Currently, there are eleven members on the board meeting monthly to review the corporation’s status. In addition, a small, dedicated staff has been contracted to perform administrative duties and overall workshop maintenance. Staff members work with volunteers to conduct workshops and answer queries for information. College intern programs with Binghamton University and SUNY Broome are used to collect research data, help document and organize workshops, schedule sessions and handle some of the day-to-day communications under the direction of management staff.

Tax Returns

If you wish to view a copy of our Tax Returns, you may do so by visiting our office during our open office hours or by visiting GuideStar.